Dog on Stairs

Pet Steps For Your Elderly Family Dog

For the sake of the family dog, you should look at the selection of pet steps that are available in stores or online. They are designed to help dogs climb up on a bed or sofa, into a vehicle, or up onto a deck, and are particularly useful for smaller, older, and disabled animals. Even if there are regular steps, your dog might feel more comfortable and secure on a set that is sized correctly for him.

Size and Design of Steps

It is important to choose the right size of dog stairs, depending on your dog’s size and physical capabilities. Most sets of steps range from 16 inches to 18 inches wide and 13 inches to 27 inches high. They are designed with two, four or six steps and varying heights for the risers. If you own a large dog, check for weight limits so the steps will not give away underneath him.

There are steps that convert to ramps by tilting the steps and fastening into place. Other sets fold easily to toss into the back of a vehicle. These are useful when you are taking the dog out somewhere. They are also popular with any kind of mobile dog service, such as grooming or vaccination clinics.

Material Used

When deciding on the material you would like for your dog steps, you want to consider the weight and busyness of the dog, whether or not the steps will be moved around, and whether they are for inside or outdoors. Large, strong cedar steps fit in well with the backyard deck but are much too heavy for indoors. Polystyrene stairs are light enough to be moved easily from room to room, but they will support up to 200 pounds.

There are also plain wooden steps with upholstery or carpet in many colors. If you prefer an eco-friendly option, there are manufacturers of pet steps for dogs that use sustainable bamboo. Some designs provide built in storage, a real convenience for all your dog’s accessories such as a leash, sweater, toy bones, and scoop with plastic bags for cleaning up after him during a walk. No matter what the design, check for nonskid surfaces on the tops of the steps and on the bottom of the unit.

You can choose a plain, functional design for these stairs for your dog. It is fashionable, though, to complement the style of your furnishings, perhaps sleekly modern or charmingly Victorian with rich colors and molding. After all, your dog does live in this family home and would appreciate having his furniture match the rest of the decor.