About Us

We here at Pet-Up have elderly pets, so we know a thing or two about living with them everyday.

Chris B.

We have a 14-year old dog and two cats that are each over 15 years old, so living with elderly pets is an everyday experience for our family. We have helped our pets with various issues over the years, including:

  • joints
  • kidneys
  • teeth
  • flea medicine
  • stomach and specialty diets
  • and more

Kharma – Border Collie / Australian Shepherd,
14 years old
Kaya – Calico, 15 years old
Mojo – Tabby, 16 years old

Contact Me: chrisb [at] pet-up.com

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Tessa M. Dobbs, Author

Studying pet nutrition and health has always been a passion of mine. When my pets started aging, I realized that nutrition for older dogs and cats was something I needed to understand better, so in an effort to learn and share what I have learned, I wrote two books about natural, holistic diets for senior dogs and senior cats.

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