cat steps

Pet Steps for Older Cats can be Very Necessary

People all around the world laughed a few years ago at the infomercial for pet stairs that appeared on television every few minutes. It was something frequently joked about as a strange product no one actually needs. Many cat owners know this is untrue, though. Pet steps for cats are very necessary in some cases.

Pet owners frequently keep their cat’s food and litter box on a high shelf or counter top. For some gross and strange reason, dogs often enjoy eating not only the cat’s food, but also the feces in the litter box. Keeping food and litter boxes up high eliminates this issue. It also keeps curious toddlers from playing with the cats special sandbox or sampling kitty food.

Most cats can easily jump up to their food and litter box wherever it is placed. Cats are very agile and many enjoy having the extra step involved in getting to their food or doing their business. The jump adds a bit of challenge and thrill of the hunt to their mundane activities.

The problem is that some cats loose their willingness or ability to jump for a variety of reasons. This is when cat steps come in handy. Age is a big factor. Young kittens might not have the bone and muscle formation and coordination developed for big jumps. Older cats loose the strength, coordination and muscle tone needed to perform such dynamic moves. Injuries may also prevent a cat from being able to jump.

Other cats just refuse to jump. Cats have very particular personalities. A cat may decide it is too good to have to jump for it’s food or to use the litter box. Instead, she may sit under the shelf and meow loudly until either her owner lifts her up to the shelf or brings the box down to her.

Getting to food trays and litter boxes is not the only reason pet owners may have for cat stairs. Many cat owners simply want their cat to be able to comfortably climb up on a windowsill to enjoy soaking in the afternoon sunshine. Perhaps they want their cat to sleep in bed with them and be able to easily get in and out to get themselves a snack or use the bathroom.

Cat owners cherish their pets. They want their life to be as comfortable as possible. Sometimes that means not having to jump.